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Video: The Magic Of Making Opening Move

Often, the most difficult part of trying to get an ex back is knowing where to start and what to do. In the following video segment TW Jackson explains the concepts and reasons behind your basic opening move: agreeing with the breakup.

Why would you do that? It gets you back on their good side by agreeing with them. If you tell your ex, Hey you know what, you're right. I've been thinking about it myself and it's probably the best thing right now.

It eliminates confrontation and inserts doubt into their decision. Everyone wants what they can't have. You've now turned the tables and put them on the defensive by agreeing with the breakup.

What if you're further along in your breakup? Have you already flooded their inbox with desperate text messages? TDub has some advice for that too. Watch the following video to help correct any mistakes you may have already made.

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