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Understanding Why Your Ex Will Take You Back

We're creatures of habit. Once we've adapted to and created a consistent pattern in our life it's difficult to change. Even after a pattern is broken, the psychological imprint remains. You miss your routine after it's ended.

Your relationship was very much a pattern in your ex's life, and there are aspects of that pattern that they miss and want back. The Magic Of Making Up helps identify what your ex may crave and helps place you in a favorable position to re-establish your bond.

What Men Miss:

Attention and admiration. Whatever form it was, or how you gave it to him, it's something that's now missing from his life. Even if your man is seeing someone new, the attention he gets will be different. He'll be comparing the new woman in his life to the last woman in his life.

What Women Miss:

Loyalty and appreciation. Women grow very attached, not just to the man but the concept of your relationship. If you provided unquestioned loyalty and security as a provider or as a mate, it will create a massive void in her life once removed.

The Magic Of Making Up helps identify what it is about your relationship that is now gone, and uses that information to trigger the right emotions to allow a full reconciliation.

It's not enough to know what your ex misses about you, there's a subtle approach to re-introducing what's needed and wanted from your ex that most don't fully understand.

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