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The Magic Of Making Up Look Inside The Book

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The Magic Of Making Up Audio Download

Supplemental info to those who purchase The Magic Of Making Up Ebook has been made available in the form of an audio download. It's the most significant addition to TW Jackson's relationship guide in the past 12 months.

The audio version contains additional info that isn't in the ebook, and is meant to be used as a more convenient method to receive relationship advice but was not created to replace the original material.

Because the audio version is a supplement and not a replacement, it can only be purchased along with the ebook and is not sold separately.

After going through the checkout process, and your personal information has been verified, you'll be given the opportunity to add the audio version to your order for $18.

Once you've purchased the audio format you can transfer it to a cd or an ipod to listen to while you're traveling or commuting to work.

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