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Free Report: 8 Critical Rules To Follow While Separated

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8 Critical Rules To Follow While Separated

A critical concept most never embrace is the difference between "getting back together" and "reconciling". Is there a difference? Absolutely. Getting back together is common and you'll often hear people reference their situation as

We're "kind of" back together.

It's an emotional cycle you want to avoid because it allows your ex to place you in an inferior position in their life and priorities. I know you're in pain and you want it to stop, but you need to ask yourself:

What's the point of "kind of" getting back together, if it means you're going to break up again in six weeks?

It's a cycle of emotional stress, frustration, and loneliness that's difficult to escape. You want your reconciliation to be permanent. No one wants an on-again, off-again cycle of continuous breakups.

If you've broken any of the following rules, The Magic Of Making Up provides advice to help reverse the damage of mistakes you've already made.

Rule 1 - I Won't Constantly Call Or Chase After My Ex

Rule 2 - I Won't Beg Or Apologize For Forgiveness

Rule 3 - I Won't Plead My Case With Their Friends Or Family

Rule 4 - I Won't Call Or Visit My Ex At Their Place Of Work

Rule 5 - I Won't Accept The Role Of A "Booty Call"

Rule 6 - I Won't Have Sex With My Ex Until We've Reconciled

Rule 7 - I Will Not Accept Verbal Degradation

Rule 8 - I Will Not Accept Physical Abuse

If you've already broken some of these rules and need help correcting the mistakes or if you're having trouble healing your relationship, The Magic Of Making Up offers a thorough explanation of what you should and should not do.

The most common mistakes are often the most damaging.

You can Try The Magic Of Making Up For 60 Days, and if you and your ex haven't reconciled after 8 weeks, we'll give you a full refund.


Free Report: How To Get Your Ex To Call YOU

Important Note: Please keep in mind that the following advice is just a small portion of a larger plan in The Magic Of Making Up. If you try this without knowing the next step you may cause irreversible damage to your chances of ever getting back together with your ex.

One of the more frequently asked questions is how to get an ex to return calls. You may have parted on hostile terms leaving you in unwelcome territory.

A common response is to plead - calling insessantly - two, three, four times a day. Or you may have tried to trick them by declaring your phone call an emergency.

Rarely do these approaches work. Often, it pushes your ex further away portraying you as needy and desperate.

So how do you get an ex to return your calls?

By using vanity and human psychology to your advantage.

Two of the more powerful forces in the human mind are curiosity and self interest. When you leave a message that pleads or declares an emergency you set up a negative expectation. Their subconscious associates the returning call to be unpleasant.

If you set up the returning call as a pleasant, self serving communication it will be difficult for them to resist. It's human nature.

A sample message would be along the lines of:

Hi, John. It's Sara. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you did for me. I wasn't expecting that. I'd like to thank you in person so give me a call when you get a chance.

John thinks he did something good and will be rewarded, but he doesn't know what he did. It will drive him crazy until he finds out why you want to thank him.

It's a perfect setup, but it's important to create a plausible reason for the call. It has to be believable or your ex will feel fooled, creating a greater obstacle to overcome.

If you would like to try the guide for 60 days you can download the updated version from our secure website at:

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