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Read advice, and tips from the relationship guide by TW Jackson, The Magic Of Making Up.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Ex Back?

If you're searching the internet in need of help and advice you've most likely reached the realization that getting your ex back is not easy.

Anyone claiming to help get your ex back in 3 days, 7 days, or anything very short term is just preying on desperate hearts. If reconciliation were that easy you would have done it already without any help.

Patience and determination is essential to accomplishing your ultimate goal. There are several steps and stages you go through in The Magic Of Making Up System. Some people are able to reunite with their ex in the early stages but most will need to progress through every phase.

Emotions and memories don't fade overnight, so don't panic. If you were important to them during your time together then their affection for you will endure.

Love is never easily forgotten. Follow the guide and go through all the steps to reconciliation. Your patience and effort will be rewarded.

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Does The System Work For Men And Women?

The Magic Of Making Up System starts with information relative to both men and women then segments into information just for men and then information just for women.

It's another example of the extra effort the author made. It would have been easy to include everything in an all inclusive guide, but men and women approach reconciliation from different perspectives.

We react differently and are more responsive to different emotions. What works for men trying to get a girlfriend back, wouldn't necessarily work for women trying to get a boyfriend back.

The book does a great job catering to the different needs of both men and women.

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Audio Version Of The Magic Of Making Up

I've received a few questions regarding the audio version of the Magic Of Making Up. Where can I get it? Is it sold separately? I can't find the link to order it, etc.

There is an audio version of The Magic Of Making Up but is only offered to those who purchase the book. So, at this time it isn't sold separately. It's a supplement to the book, so if all you have is the audio version but not the print version you'll be missing some crucial information.

You have the option to purchase the audio version after buying the print version. After going through the checkout process and purchasing the book you'll be given your confirmation number, download link and at the bottom of that page is the option to purchase the audio version. At the time of this writing the cost was $18, but a price increase may be coming soon.

The audio version isn't necessary, or required to use the system. It would be most beneficial to commuters who could listen to the book while driving to work, or on long trips.

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How Is The Magic Of Making Up Different

There are a lot of books available for people who want help reuniting with an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. The difference is most of those books are summaries of articles you can read for free. The information you find in most of the other books are very, very general.

There is a very specific and detailed plan in The Magic Of Making Up to get your ex back, that I haven't read on article sites. It's that well thought out plan that makes the book unique and valuable.

You're not going to find the information for free. It's too specific.

Another important difference is the author of the book, TW Jackson. No, he's not famous and maybe that's a good thing. He's a very humble, down to earth guy. If you need specific help, and try to contact him he'll go out of his way to try and help you. He's a busy guy, and gets lots of inquiries so it may take a short while for him to respond but he doesn't ignore or throw away emails.

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