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Will Our Relationship Ever Be The Same?

After a bad breakup you're flooded with the desire to just go back to the way the things used to be. But you're so far removed from a healthy, intimate relationship that you begin to question if your relationship can be put back together.

Will your relationship ever be the same?

No. But that's not a bad thing, and it's something people often overlook. Nothing stays the same, and you wouldn't want it to. You need to grow, progress, and accept all the flaws presented along the way.

Your relationship may not be exactly the same which leads people to a negative conclusion, when in reality your relationship can be BETTER.

You need to learn from the breakup. Identify the mistakes, find a way to accept each other's flaws and move forward. That's how you get stronger.

What if you don't want the relationship to change?

If you're stuck in the mindset of "I don't want the relationship to change", you should spend some time exploring the reasons why you have a negative association with the word "change".

It's human nature to be afraid of change, but every healthy relationship goes through multiple stages. When you have children, your relationship changes. It's good, right? When you get married, your relationship changes.

Your relationship is always progressing and going through changes whether you realize it or not. The more rigid you are, the more you fight the changes presented in your relationship, the more difficult it becomes to reconcile and find happiness.

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