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Will My Ex Take Me Back?

Most people don't believe they can get their life back. They wrestle with the question, "Will my ex take me back" and feel nothing but doubt.

It's usually because they're focusing on the wrong things.

The Reasons Your Ex Will Take You Back

A lot of people focus on the negative after a breakup, and it's understandable. Maybe the breakup was a really bad one, where you both made some statements that hurt some feelings.

Maybe your ex tried to push you away by telling you the hate you. It's not hard to feel hopeless after hearing that. The reality about breakups is that the last 10, 20, 30 days of the relationship aren't the determining factor.

Those are "emotional" discussions. Things you say that you wish you didn't. And those feelings exist on both sides of the relationship even if they don't admit it.

The true test of "how hard" it's going to be is the bond you developed over a longer period of time. The stronger your connection was, the easier it is to reconcile.

The time that's passed since your relationship was at its peak isn't as important as how strong your connection was. Were you best friends at any time? Were you inseparable? Did you talk about marriage? Being together forever?

Those are the most important factors in reconciling. Why?

Because there's a two phase plan. One - to get past the immediate anger and resentment that caused the breakup. Two - Rekindle past emotions and feelings.

The stronger the past feelings the more cards you have to play. If your relationship was never strong, if you NEVER had a good relationship your road to get back together would be a lot tougher.

A more in-depth explanation of how to get your ex back, as well as the steps needed to help rekindle past emotions can be found in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

It can help you answer the tough question of, "will my ex take me back".

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