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Why Rebound Relationships Never Last

There are three phases of love: Romance, Reality, Lasting Love.

The reason rebound relationships don't last is because you skip past the essential elements in all three phases. When you first start dating you have conflicting impulses.

1 - I don't want to be alone
2 - I don't want to start another serious relationship right now

The first impulse allows you to explore and enjoy your freedom. You'll date someone you wouldn't consider marriage material. You'll lower your standards some days, raise them on others.

And it's perfectly okay, because that second impulse protects you. It doesn't matter if they're successful or if your parents will like them. You decided subconsciously before you went on that first date that you're not jumping into another serious relationship.

On a deeper, more fundamental level, you skip right past the romance phase and wake up one morning knee deep in reality.

You have nothing in common. You don't even like their personality that much. Every flaw, every tiny annoyance is thrust in your face.

Rebound relationships begin with a cloud of self-doubt and a need to feel desired. Once those doubts are removed the rebound guy or girl is no longer needed.

Soon you realize you were impulsive, acknowledge it was a rebound and move on. That's just how rebound relationships work.

They can be fun by allowing you to explore the dating world, but once that first taste of reality sets in, you realize your error and end the relationship.

Is your ex in a rebound relationship?

If you want them back, but don't know what to do after that relationship ends The Magic Of Making Up Guide provides insights and strategies to help get your ex back.

You'll get a thorough explanation of what you should and should not do. Every purchase includes a 60 day guarantee:

If you and your ex aren't back together after 8 weeks we'll give you a full refund.

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