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Understanding Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You

The most common response to why a boyfriend dumped you is sex, sex, and sex.

Sex is a powerful motivator, but is usually not the reason why most long term relationships end. Sex and physical attraction dominate short term interest, but a man's motivation changes as a relationship evolves.

Here's a scenario that can be difficult to interpret:

You've been in a solid relationship for three years. Out of no where, your boyfriend tells you he's met someone else and wants to break up. He's been cheating on you for several months with the new girl.

Your focus is trained on the thought of your ex having sex with someone else. In your house, and behind your back. Very disturbing. The easy answer is to decide he broke up with you because he's a dog, and wanted sex from a new partner.

It's important to differentiate cause and effect in this scenario.

Having sex with another partner was not the cause of your breakup. It was the result of a deteriorating relationship. The relationship was failing so he sought a new partner.

Why was the relationship failing? What did he want, or think the relationship lacked? Again, it's most likely not sex.

To fix a damaged relationship you must first identify what caused it to fail. When trying to get to the root of a man's problem, the first place to start is his ego.

When you constantly tell him he's bad at something, or lacks a quality you desire it damages his ego. He questions himself. The worst part is instead of trying to fix or improve himself, he will accept your criticism as fact causing further damage to his self image.

When his ego and self image have taken sufficient damage he ends the relationship.

It's important to remember men have feelings too and the most vulnerable aspect of every man is his ego. No matter how large or inflated that ego may be, it can always be damaged.

Fixing the damage to his ego is key to winning him back.

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