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Why Won't My Ex Take Me Back?

My ex broke up with me but I don't want the relationship to end. Why won't my ex take me back? I've tried talking to them but they say it's over, what should I do?

The first thing you need to do is give them some space and a little time. It's a very scary thought, and difficult to do. You may believe if you don't continue to reach out to them that they will move on.

While it's important for them to know reconciling is a possible outcome, a constant barage of phone calls or messages will actually push them away.

It's a basic behavior pattern. Think of a sales person that continues to call you over and over and over. Even if you are interested you get so annoyed by their persistence that you refuse to engage in a conversation with them.

Attempting to reconcile in this manner will follow the same pattern. You may think reaching out to them will keep you in their thoughts, but it actually creates a negative association.

Soon, your ex will resent every attempt at communication. Before hearing your voice or knowing why you're calling they'll be angry.

Has it happened already? Has your ex answered your calls and was immediately upset or annoyed with you?

Give them some space and have faith in the bond you developed over the course of your relationship to maintain the connection while you're apart.

It's a difficult process but necessary. There aren't any real tricks when trying to save a relationship but there are proven behavioral patterns before, during and after your breakup.

After some time, one or two weeks, has passed there is some specific language you need to inclue in your next conversation to setup your reconciliation.

Don't beg for forgiveness either, because that has been proven to have negative consequences during the reconciliation phase.

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