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Why Doesn't My Ex Want To Talk To Me Anymore?

There are few things more painful than an ex that tries to pretend you don't exist anymore. Some will keep the conversations short, brief and impersonal. Then there are breakups where your ex treats you as though you're invisible.

If you work together and have an ex that walks past you, without acknowledging your existence it can be painful and depressing.

So why is it this way? Why doesn't your ex want to talk anymore?

A large percentage of the "cold shoulder" breakups are your ex trying to create a type of buffer. Basically, they believe if they show the slightest hint of affection it will lead to you asking to get back together.

In their mind, it's simpler to leave it cut and dry.

This type of scenario usually happens if you've already expressed an interest in getting back together. What it does is alert your ex to what you truly want, which is to reconcile.

So what do you do?

You have to lower their defenses. Right now it's like a brick wall between you two, and they're trying to keep you on the other side.

The Magic Of Making Up, lowers their defenses with the first step. You're going to give them a clear, and direct message that it's okay to start talking again. You're not going to ask for a full blown reconciliation with the first step.

The opening move is designe to re-open the lines of communication. Get them talking again, so you can regain their confidence. If you never get past the first step and get them talking again, you won't be able to save your relationship.

A more in-depth explanation of the first step you NEED to take after a breakup is in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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