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Why Did My Girlfriend Dump Me?

Before taking the initial steps to get your ex back it's important to understand why she broke up with you in the first place. Did she feel neglected? Is this the result of an ongoing fight that hasn't been resolved? Maybe she met someone new?

The common denominator in most situations is that your girlfriend felt something was missing from the relationship. Breaking up and seeking a new partner is the decision she's made to resolve the problem.

For instance, if she feels you aren't spending enough time together it's usually her way of telling you "I need more attention". It's part of being in a relationship. She needs and craves your attention after you've become a couple.

If she doesn't get the attention that meets her expectations she'll ask for it by requesting more time together.

If that doesn't work the relationship starts to break down and she begins to question if this is a worthy relationship. As the relationship deteriorates further she will begin to seek a new partner that can satisfy her expectations.

Always look for the cause behind every effect. Yes, she broke up with you but what were the steps that lead to the breakup? What did she need from your relationship that you weren't giving her?

When you can identify what went wrong you'll know how to approach your reconciliation in the later stages.

What she wants, needs, and expects from a relationship aren't likely to change overnight. If it was important to her when she broke up with you, it's still important to her today.

You can find more advice to help understand why your girlfriend dumped you in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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