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What Does Your Ex Want To Hear After A Breakup

What's the secret password to save your relationship, right? That's what everyone really wants to know. Where's the big red button I can press to get them to do what I want.

There isn't one single even that triggers a reconciliation. There's actually a series of events that needs to happen to win them back.

So what's the first thing your ex wants to hear?

More than anything they want to hear:

You're right.

Yup, it's that simple. People love to be right, almost as much as they love people telling them they're right.

Even if you don't agree with the breakup or the reasons behind it, agreeing with your ex will open the door to accepting your communication. It's the first step to getting back together.

When you do something like beg and plead to stay together you're actually telling your ex You're wrong. You made a bad decision. It puts your ex in a defensive posture. You start arguing about everything after that.

You've challenged their decision. Now more than anything they want to prove to you that they're right.

So all you have to do is a little reverse psychology. Tell them they're right. Agree with the breakup, for now. Tell them the decision was the best thing for both of you.

You catch more flies when you use honey instead of vinegar.

There's more about this tactic in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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