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What Does Every Man Need To Hear?

Breakups and reconciliations are complicated because people respond to different things. The first step is understanding the difference between men and women. We need and want to hear different things compared to women.

What's Important To Women?

Usually, not always, women want to hear that their efforts, their affection, their presence is appreciated. It's not as simple as saying "I appreciate you". Women are caring and always provide an element of mothering in every relationship. There are specific actions they take to make their man happy -- So the appreciation needs to be specific to their efforts.

What's Important To Men?

You can't say all men are exactly alike so there will be exceptions but most men want to feel admired.

Take a broad view of what men hear growing up. Whether they conform to the mold isn't that important. Why? Because the majority of men are told to be protectors, providers, to be strong.

What if your man is a mousy kind of guy? Not a burly athlete type. Does he still need his ego stroked to tell him what a great provider he is?

Yes. Because he's surrounded by men that pride themselves on being strong. Whether he admits it or not, he wants to comply with the majority perception of what a man is.

Men want to live up to the cliche. They want to be viewed as strong, protective superheroes. That's why it's important to remind your man how much you admire those aspects of his personality.

Here's a funny thing about men... If you tell him he's the best gardener in the world, even though he's only average. He'll bust his ass to be the best gardener in the world.

Why? Because he knows he's average, but YOU think he's the best in the world. He will do everything in his power to maintain your high opinion of him. It's something every woman can play on. Men want to be the best for you.

It's when you beat up his ego, tell him he's not good at something that he gives up on you. "What's the point of trying, if she already thinks I'm not good at this".

Silly, I know, and kind of backwards. Tell him he's great and he'll try to be great. Tell him he's bad, and he'll give up.

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