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Signs You're About To Breakup

There are common signs you're about to breakup with every relationship. The stage you're in, and how you choose to address the problems will determine the outcome of your relationship.

Below are common signs the relationship is in serious trouble.

Spending Excessive Time Apart

Relationships run into problems when the couple are forced to spend extended periods of time apart due to scheduling conflicts. This, in itself, is not an indication of a pending breakup. It causes stress but doesn't always lead to separation.

When the couple voluntarily spend time apart, however, it usually spells trouble and is a good indication of a probable breakup.

Spending time apart, with friends and family, is actually very healthy for you as an individual and the relationship as a whole. The problem develops when you start to avoid one another, usually because you don't want to fight.

Instead of staying together and working on communication and the relationship problems, you choose a path of avoidance. When this happens one or both of you will begin to believe that you're happier apart.

It's not necessarily true, because all you're doing is avoiding the problems and relationship.

Arguing About Everything

Sometimes there are legitimate conflicts that need to be discussed and worked out, and then there are the needless breakup kind of arguments. If you get the sense that either or both of you are looking for an argument you could be in trouble.

If you just had a heated argument, ask yourself if the fight was for a rational reason. Not the argument itself, but the reason you got into the fight.

Were you arguing about some petty, stupid topic that got overblown and spilled into multiple hot button areas?

You may not realize it, but when the breakup is close and tensions are high you may do things to start an argument. You may not even be conscious of it.

It becomes a cycle of argument after argument that leads to constant conflict where it seems like the only reasonable solution is to break up.

Can't Look At Each Other

When the tension and anger are white hot, it is very difficult to look at one another. You feel so frustrated, so disgusted that you can look your partner in the eye for more than three seconds.

If you've reached this stage you know evasive action is needed because the relationship is in serious trouble. If you don't address the problems immediately not only will you not be able to look at one another, you won't even be able to be in the same room together.

If you are having relationship problems, and are seeing signs you're about to break up, the magic of making up offers proven solutions to save your relationship.

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