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Should I Tell My Ex Boyfriend I'm Pregnant?

A pregnancy conjures a desire to make the relationship work. To give it one more chance. No matter how bad the breakup, or how damaged your communication may be, a pregnancy has a tremendous influence on your ex.

If you are pregnant, then you absolutely need to tell your ex, but without any expectations that he'll come running back to you. Start talking, try to rebuild the relationship from the ground up.

Strengthen the communication, become best friends again. Jumping from a breakup to a committed relationship with kids, skips a lot of steps. If those gaps go unresolved your relationship will suffer in the future.

Now, for a much different question. Should I tell my ex boyfriend I'm pregnant -- If I'm NOT pregnant.

No. It's that simple.

This is an act of desperation and it never ends well. It will open the door for you and get you talking again. Your ex will start talking to you because a child would be a significant change in his life.

But they will find out. And when they learn the truth, your relationship will be over -- forever. There are lies, damn lies, and the "I'm pregnant" lie. Why does it have such a huge impact?

Because men have been told, even though it rarely happens, that women will try to trap them with a pregnancy. It's a cliche, almost never happens, but every guy is told about a woman faking a pregnancy to maintain a relationship.

It's in a guy's mind. It's there. It's not fair, not true, but it is part of the thought process. So when you play into that cliche, you draw the wrath of some silly warning he received in adolescence.

His anger will be inconsolable. You won't be able to say you're sorry for lying about a pregnancy. You'll most likely never hear from him again.

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