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Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend?

Should I call my ex girlfriend and tell her I want to get back together? What if she's upset or doesn't want to talk?

There are things to consider before you make the call to your ex girlfriend to talk about getting back together.

Sometimes there are organic opportunities, meaning you were given an opportunity to talk about the breakup without really trying to get there. Then there are situations where you have to work pretty hard just to get to the conversation you want.

So what's the first step, and how difficult will this be?

Is This The First Attempt?

Be honest with yourself, because it's important to get an accurate gauge with where you are with the breakup and reconciliation. How many times have you tried to contact her.

Not how many times have you actually got her on the phone, or received a reply to a message.

How many times have you tried? If you've been flooding her with requests to talk it will server your interests to wait a few weeks before your next contact.

Why? Think of yourself as a salesman, because that's pretty much the situation. You want to get into a conversation with her so you can "pitch" your side of the story and convince her to give the relationship another chance.

Now put yourself on the other side of the equation. Everyone's had that one incredibly annoying telemarketer that keeps calling and calling and calling. The most common response to that situation is you finally answer the phone in a rage.

Do you care what they have to say? Nope. You answer the phone to tell them to stop calling. Is that really the response you want?

So evaluate how many attempts you've made and if it's more than twice in the last 30 days give her some space and let a little time pass.

What To Say When You're On The Phone

You don't want to get into a conversation with her and immediately go for the "talk". It won't work. She's waiting for it. Every time you call, true or not, her initial thoughts are that you're going to ask to get back together.

She has her game-plan all laid out of how she's going to turn you down and remain friends. That's not what you want either.

A more patient approach will always work better. In that first conversation that you've had with her after a breakup don't talk about getting back together.

Not a hint. Leave the conversation friendly, but whatever you do don't ask to get back together on the first conversation.

Here's what happens: She'll hang up the phone and her first question will be "Why doesn't he want to get back together?" Do you see what happened right there. You used her expectations to alter her perception.

Now she's wondering why she isn't good enough for you to be begging for another chance.

That's when you begin to gain some psychological leverage that puts you in better position for the subsequent conversations where you do start to talk about getting back together.

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