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What's The Next Step Of The Magic Of Making Up

Getting your ex back is a process. A journey of right decisions and correct actions. If you make a bad decision you have to go all the way back to the beginning and start your journey all over again.

It's become very common for people to try to apply some of the advice from the Magic Of Making Up without having the full plan in front of them. They start their journey and things are going great. They send off the opening letter and their ex reaches out to them.

It's an exiting time, because you can see definite progress in your relationship. But because they don't know the next "correct step" they make a mistake and have to start all over again.

So what's the biggest mistake?

Not knowing your next step. Everything you do will cause a reaction from your ex. When you send off the opening letter they'll behave exactly as described in the Magic Of Making Up. How can that be predicted?

Because it plays on basic human psychology. We are very predictable beings. Our behavior has been molded over thousands of years. Our emotions, desires, fears, ambition -- it's so deeply ingrained in us that it's difficult to overcome.

When you take one of the steps from the guide you're going to trigger an expected behavior. When that behavior presents itself you absolutely need to know what to do.

There's two problems you'll be faced with that are in direct conflict. One, you don't know what to do. Two, your logic will be influenced by your emotions and the urgency to reconcile.

Your reasoning in that situation isn't ideal. You'll make decisions based on what your heart tells you to do. You can't think two or three steps ahead because your judgment is clouded by heartache.

There are multiple steps that lead your ex to a reconciliation. Trying to fix your relationship without knowing every step will cause prolonged heartache.

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