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Save My Marriage From Divorce

I want to save my marriage from divorce but I don't know what to do.

There's a sense of urgency and, quite honestly, fear when it comes to divorce. Marriage is more than a union, it's a symbol in our culture of stability. So when that stability is fractured, it alters your sense of worth and value.

It's considered one of the most stressful events a person can experience.

Your Sense Of Urgency

You feel a clock ticking don't you? It's haunting. Every day, every hour that draws you closer to your next court date intensifies the stress.

The emotion is real. It's not imagined, you aren't overreacting. This clock ticking is what makes marriage so stressful. Not only are you confronted with the possibility of losing your best friend and partner but you know exactly when it's going to happen and you're running out of time.

That divorce date feels so final, but it isn't. It may feel as though once that day passes that you'll go your separate ways and there is no hope for further reconciliation.

It isn't true.

Many relationships have passed through divorce proceedings only to reconcile later. It is possible, and it does happen. The date on your calendar does not define the future of this relationship.

It's always better to avoid divorce proceedings and solve your problems before it even enters a court but I want you to take the power away from that clock you hear ticking.

You can save any marriage, any relationship no matter what stage it's in.

What To Do Next

A great deal of focus will be placed on all the things you did wrong, what you would do differently and all the memories that will be washed away if you can't save your marriage from divorce.

It's very hard to detach yourself emotionally from what you're losing, but you need to gain a sense of perspective and move forward. It's important to focus on problem solving and not get caught in a spiraling depression that clouds your judgment.

The most important thing you need to do is stop being confrontational. It's not obvious in most cases, but there's clearly a difference in perspective. You need to re-align yourself with your partner. Get them to lower their defenses, stop being confrontational and start addressing the core issues.

Agree with the separation for now. Convey to them that you understand their point of view. It's a persuasion tactic that lowers their defenses and allows you to start talking constructively again.

They may even start being nice again, but don't ask for a reconciliation in this early stage. You need to take further steps before that can happen.

If you need to save my marriage, but don't know exactly what you're doing wrong the magic of making up provides a comprehensive plan to save your relationship from ending.

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