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Reasons Causing A Breakup

There are nuances to every relationship and breakup that make them unique but many breakups fall in to two of the most common situations. Below are two common reasons causing a breakup.


Nothing destroys trust in a relationship faster than cheating.

It goes beyond the physical act of cheating, it's also the intimacy you shared with someone outside the relationship that causes problems. It causes your partner to question their worth to you.

Why would you need to be close to someone else? Why aren't they good enough?

When they look at you, they aren't just hurt by what you did or the reasons it happened. When they look at you, they also question themselves. That's why cheating isn't as simple as saying you're sorry.

It's a psychological nightmare.

Sometimes it's the result of one person's personality. There are people who cheat because it fills a need. They destroy relationships repetitively because it's who they are.

But there are other times when there's a problem with the relationship. People crave intimacy, they want to feel close to someone. If it isn't present in the relationship they'll seek it in others.

Time Apart

When a relationship is new, and there's everything to learn about one another it's very common for couples to be inseparable. You wake up wanting to be with your partner.

You're in love, and being apart makes you miserable.

There are unfortunate times when couples are forced to spend time away from one another due to scheduling or work. Maybe they leave for work just as you're getting home.

If this goes on for long periods of time you may begin to feel disconnected from your partner. The inseparable bond you felt at the beginning of the relationship isn't as strong. You view them differently. You view the relationship differently.

You still love each other, but don't feel that "closeness" because you are rarely together.

A more harsh circumstance is if you are suddenly separated by long distance because one of you needed to move. Everyone has an idealistic and romantic notion of how everything is going to be okay.

It works in the movies, so it's will work for you. And for some couples it does. But those couples and relationships are severely tested and only the strongest relationships survive.

Many of those relationships survive the time separated only to break up after they've rejoined in the same location.

While every breakup is heartbreaking, there are solutions to the problems couples face with the above situations. If you are separated or going through a breakup you can get more detailed advice in the Magic Of Making Up.

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