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One Phrase You Should Never Say After A Breakup

One of the worst things you can tell an ex after a breakup is

I'll Die Without You

You may, in fact, feel this way. Breakups can be extremely traumatic sending you into a deep depression. You will run the range of emotions from loneliness to sadness, that can drain every last drop of hope.

When you're in a depressed state and decide to vocalize your emotions you run the risk of telling your ex, "I'll die without you". It's not true, but your feelings are so raw that you find the prospect of life without your partner incredibly depressing.

Being so direct with your pain actually compounds the problem. Telling someone you'll die without them screams "desperation". You think telling your ex how much pain you're in will bring them back when it actually pushes them further away.

Here's something most people don't quite understand about depression and breakups:

It's good to vocalize your emotions. Hearing your problems out loud will help you rationalize your emotions and what you're feeling. Your pain becomes less severe when you talk about and hear your problems out loud.


It's very, very bad to vocalize your depression to your ex after a breakup. It's a very contradictory situation which leads people to so many problems.

You have to go against your initial instincts. You've been taught, directly or indirectly to talk about your problems to others -- it's a coping mechanism and it works. But talking about your emotional distress to your ex will cause further damage right now.

Solution: Talk about your emotions to your family, best friends but NOT your ex. If you don't feel comfortable talking to your friends about such personal feelings you can achieve the same sense of coping through writing.

Just pull out a piece of paper and write every raw emotion you're feeling. Don't edit or try to be poetic. Just write whatever comes to mind. It will help ease some of the depression and you'll feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off your shoulders.

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