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My Girlfriend's Family Hates Me

My girlfriend's family hates me and are telling her not to take me back. What should I do?

Trying to work out the problems with your relationship is complicated enough, but when you add in family members who are actively trying to break you two apart it's down right brutal.

It may feel like you're being attacked from all angles and the arguments you get into with your ex will have a sense of randomness to it. You'll be arguing, when she throws something at you that makes you say out loud, "what are you talking about".

You're arguing not just her problems, but everyone that's giving her advice.

How To Make Progress

Her family may not like, they may even hate you, so you have to approach it like a personal relationship between you and them. How to you solve a disagreement?

By understanding their point of view, and making sure they know you are trying to understand their argument. You may already know why they don't like you because your girlfriend told you.

But have you personally addressed the tension with them? Have you listened patiently to their issues regarding you and your ex?

Forget about trying to trick them into liking you. You don't have to shower them with gifts and affection. You don't even have to kiss up to them, and pretend to like them.

What they want more than anything is for you to understand why they don't like you.

Now ask yourself this: Can you take it? Whatever it is they're going to tell you is going to be raw emotion. It's something they've been wanting to say to you for months or sometimes years.

If you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to have a one-on-one sit down with one of her family members go into it knowing you're going to hear some stuff you don't like.

If you lose your cool, and get into a heated argument it will make things much worse. But if you take it, and try to understand their point of view it will relieve a tremendous amount of tension.

You DON'T have to agree with them. But you do have to listen to their concerns and consider their issues. That's how people are able to move forward without even agreeing.

They want to be heard, and they want their point of view to be genuinely considered.

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