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My Girlfriend Won't Return My Calls

Communication is the key to solving nearly all conflicts. You not only have to reach an agreement to discuss the problem, but you also have to be careful to use the correct language when discussing important issues.

It's common to struggle for weeks and weeks, finally getting your girlfriend to sit down and talk to you only to upset her within the first thirty seconds because you said the wrong words.

But what if you have a much bigger problem? A massive roadblock most guys struggle with is "My girlfriend won't return my calls."

What do you do? What makes it better and what makes it worse? You're stuck in a position with little or no leverage. You want to make up, you want to work out your problems but you can't even get past step one.

She doesn't want to talk, and won't return your calls.

Here's what you DON'T do.

Under no circumstances are you to go visit her without her permission. Showing up unannounced seems like the logical solution. You need to talk, but she doesn't pick up the phone. Showing up at her doorstep crosses the line from feeling upset to feeling like you have a stalker.

What's worse than showing up at her doorstep on a Sunday afternoon? Waiting for her in the parking lot at her place of work. She wants space right now, and you want to talk. The harder you try, the more you press the worse it will get.

Invading her personal space by visiting her without her permission or knowledge can set your reconciliation back weeks or months.

Once you're labeled as "the stalker ex", it takes a great deal of damage control to remove that label.

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