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My Girlfriend Kicked Me Out

My girlfriend kicked me out and I want her back. Who hasn't felt the agony of this situation? Whether you arrived home to find your stuff in a box at the front door or maybe she called the police or her rather large Uncle Joe to escort you out of the house it feels the same.

First there's anger. How dare she! After all we've been through for her to just kick me out like this is unbelievable.

Once you get past the anger you start to regret everything that happened leading up to the moment. All the stupid comments, all the little things you did to upset her. It leads straight to the sorrow.

And that's where you are. You understand what went wrong, you regret what went wrong and you are genuinely sorry for everything that led to the breakup.

So what do you do? What's the first step after your girlfriend kicks you out and ends the relationship?

It's not moving back in, unfortunately. That's several steps from where you are. There are some steps that absolutely need to take place before you will even come close to reconciliation.

The first step, and this is where most guys mess up, is understanding what SHE thinks went wrong. Not what you think, not even what actually happened. You could have visual and audio evidence... Doesn't matter.

What does SHE think is wrong? Then you have to decide if you can acknowledge and try to understand her point of view. You don't necessarily have to agree with her point of view but you do have to understand it.

Do not try to reconcile or engage in a conversation until you've reached that point? Why? Because if you don't understand her side of the argument you're going to say something that will upset her. You won't even know what set her off unless you know in advance what NOT to say.

It's a fine line between saving your relationship and saying goodbye forever. There are proven steps to every breakup. It's no different than the stages of grieving. We're all different, but we process emotions and information in a very similar manner.

If you want a complete step by step plan to reconcile read this

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