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My Girlfriend Just Dumped Me

If your girlfriend just dumped you, it's easy to focus on everything that went wrong. But it also means you're in the initial stages of a breakup, so you have yet to commit any serious errors.

You're still in a relatively good position to bring together a reconciliation. What follows are common sense errors that usually doom most relationships.

The Cell Phone

In a digital age it becomes so easy to send a message without face to face confrontation. On the surface it sounds like a good thing, but immediately after a breakup your cell phone becomes an incredibly negative catalyst.

It's the primary reason for damaging communication. Because all you have to do is press a button to fire off a message you don't realize how your ex is interpreting your messages.

So how does your ex respond to text messages and constant phone calls? First it will be an annoyance, then it develops into extreme anger. After several days of unwanted messages your girlfriend will be thinking, "Why won't he just leave me alone".

That's when you get exiled, and ALL communications are instantly ignored.

Unwanted Visits

Showing up unannounced doesn't happen as often, but is a much more damaging mistake. Your ex can block your calls or delete your messages. But if she thinks she now runs the risk of seeing you unexpectedly around every corner she'll get very defensive.

Most guys get blindsided with massive amounts of anger and shouting when they show up at the front door.

Yes, you want to talk. And your ex isn't giving you the opportunity to explain your situation, but showing up without getting her permission will only complicate your situation and push her further away.

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