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My Ex's Friends Are Against Me

It's difficult enough to fix your relationship without added pressure from outside parties. When friends that are against you enter the equation it gets a little complicated.

It's a common urge to want to "fight back" in a sense. You might want to say and do things trying to turn your ex against their own friends. Or you may be thinking about approaching their friends directly. You can try to recruit them as an ally or just ask them to butt out.

Usually (but not always) it's best to take the high road and focus your attention on your ex. Even though friends have a strong influence, it's not strong enough to turn your ex into a zombie. Your ex will follow their own heart and make their own decisions in the end.

Bonds among friends are very strong and can quickly become an "us against them" mentality. So if you attack their friends, you're essentially attacking your ex.

Their friends have reasons for not liking you. Sometimes it's petty, and often their reasons aren't even directly related to your breakup. Whether their reasons for wanting you to stay separated are warranted or not doesn't matter right now.

They have a definite opinion of you and it would be very difficult to change in a short period of time.

The key to surviving this situation is to take the high road with your ex. Don't speak badly about their friends and don't enter into arguments involving them. Everytime you try to undermine their influence on your ex, you throw fuel on the fire.

There will come a time when you'll want to build a bridge with their friends, but not when you're separated. Heal one relationship at a time, and right now you'll want to focus on your breakup.

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