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My Ex Doesn't Return My Text Messages

If you're trying to reconcile, or want to talk about your relationship what do you do if your ex is unwilling to communicate? What do you do if your ex doesn't return text messages?

While texting makes communicating very easy, it also presents the option of not communicating at all. The first thing you need to resolve is why the messages aren't being returned.

A common scenario is when you start to pile messages on top of your ex because you want to convince yourself that they aren't getting the messages. They aren't responding because they aren't seeing the messages.

While plausible, it's very unlikely.

Maybe something is wrong with their phone. You'll tell yourself you should keep messaging because something might be wrong and you're just concerned about their well being.

It may be true, that you want to check on their safety, but it's a gesture that will not be appreciated at this point by your ex. Your ex is getting your messages, they've just chosen to not respond.

Unfortunately, your consistent messages have put them in a frame of mind to ignore your communication. And that decision branches out beyond text messages. It now includes attempted phone calls or an innocent run in.

If you persist and continue to send message after message, they'll stop reading them. It will be an instant delete.

They will go from being amused, to annoyed, to angry, to furious. It's a progression that may take days or weeks but it will happen.

You may want to talk, but ask yourself if you want to talk to your ex about saving your relationship when they're furious because of constant messages you've been sending.

It's not in your best interest. You may want a response, any kind of response. It's actually normal. Some are satisfied with an angry response because something is better than nothing, right?

Not if you're trying to reconcile. No one got their ex back by making them rage with anger.

So how do you overcome this scenario and resume communication?

You have to stop trying to communicate for now. It sounds simple, but it is very hard to let go. How do you go from talking to someone everyday all day, to nothing? How do you let go of that bond?

Because you have to.

If you don't stop the bond will be damaged. It's only a temporary pause in communication. You're not saying goodbye forever. You're giving them time to cool off and get past any tension or anger they have.

After some time has passed they will be more receptive to your next communication. But if there is no pause, the anger will not go away.

A reconciliation takes multiple steps, and most are not easy to do but necessary to saving your relationship.

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