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My Boyfriend Left Me For Another Woman

My boyfriend left me for another woman, and I want him back. What can I do? You have to approach the separation as two different problems:

Why Did My Boyfriend Leave Me?

Even if your boyfriend doesn't give you a good reason, something like "I'm not in love with you anymore" there are still reasons behind the breakup. If that's what he told you then you should be asking yourself:

What changed?
What happened that made my boyfriend think he's not in love?

There's always a reason, and you need to know what his issues are so you can solve the relationship problem. In this specific scenario, where your boyfriend left you for another woman, it means there was something missing from the relationship he believes he will get from a different relationship.

And, no, it's not about sex. It may be about intimacy, but it's not going to be about pure physical contact. And if that new relationship is based on "just sex", then that new relationship is doomed and will never last.

How Can I Get My Boyfriend Back?

There's one thing that is incredibly important to remember when you're trying to get your boyfriend back:


Nothing will scare off a man faster than pressuring him to make a relationship decision. The first step is to re-open communication.

You need to get your relationship to the point where he's willing to talk freely again. Let him get comfortable. Then he'll tell you what you need to do to get back together.

Don't ask him what you need to do. Trust me, he's going to tell you EXACTLY what he wants to hear if you follow the right steps.

If your boyfriend left you for another woman and you want him back, the Magic Of Making Up can show you the exact steps you need to take to get him back.

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