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My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Best Friend

Who should receive the lion's share of the blame? Your best friend who you've known for years and years, or your boyfriend you're madly in love with?

What this situation will ultimately boil down to is who do you still trust.

It's incredibly unusual for someone to salvage both relationships. A more common scenario is to choose one relationship to try and save, if that relationship doesn't work out, you would then try to salvage the remaining relationship.

Which relationship is more likely to work out? It's actually more common to save a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship than a regular friendship.

Your relationship with your boyfriend is built on trust and intimacy. Two incredibly powerful motivators that bond you on very deep levels. If one fails, you still have the other to build around.

The foundation of your friendship is built on trust. When that trust is violated and you feel betrayed it becomes very difficult to find a starting point. There's no intimacy, no hopes of a future family to bring you back together. Once the trust is gone the friendship becomes severely damaged.

Friendships will benefit the most from long separations. Memories of betrayal will become less harsh, as positive memories of your past friendship grows stronger with time apart.

Where do you start?

Get the facts. Who initiated the affair? Who do you still trust? Can you still trust one or the other?

After working through the facts and sorting through your emotions, try to fix one relationship at a time. Trying to save both relationships at the same time will prove incredibly difficult if not impossible.

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