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A Critical Mistake When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

There are multiple stages to every breakup and every reconciliation. It's common to make minor errors in judgment along the way, but there are critical mistakes that can derail your efforts.

A common and very major mistake comes right in the middle of the process. You've gotten past all the anger and resentment. You're back to being polite.

You've followed the first several weeks of the steps outlined in the Magic Of Making Up and you're approaching an important point.

You're right in the middle between breakup and getting back together.

Here's what happens:

You've been very disciplined with your limited contact following all the guidelines, then something you didn't expect will happen.

Your ex is being nice. Almost flirting with you. They start to initiate the contact, calling you for small insignificant reasons.

That's when most will start to jump to conclusions and skip some very important steps. Do they want me back? Is my ex flirting? All these thoughts race through your head that this is the time to ask for a full blown "let's get back together".


You have to be very patient when you reach this point, because your ex is most likely "considering" what it would be like to get back together. If they sense any pressure it gives them an excuse to back off.

They'll push you away and you have to start all the way over again from the first step to rebuild their trust.

So play it cool, follow the guide all the way to the final steps and don't try to reconcile too soon.

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