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The Magic Of Making Up Opening Letter

The Magic Of Making Up opening letter is designed to erase a lot of common mistakes people make after a bad breakup. You already know that making repeated, unwanted phone calls is bad, right? But do you truly understand the reason why this mistake is so damaging?

The Opening Letter Fixes Communication

Communication is everything. It's important during a relationship, but it becomes vital when you're trying to reconcile and save your relationship. If you can't talk, how can you possibly work through your problems.

It may not be completely obvious why the phone calls are bad, because you're taking what seems to be a positive action. You're trying to talk and fix the problems. But it actually produces a negative response.

Your communication is already strained, that's why they asked for the breakup. They want time alone. Repeated phone calls escalates their anger. First they'll be annoyed, then they'll get upset. And if you keep calling, it turns to extreme anger. That's why when they do finally talk to you, they're so hostile.

The opening letter is designed to erase all the negative association that's been created by unwanted phone calls, unannounced visits and constant arguments.

In very simple, and straight forward language you're going to tell your ex that you don't want to fight anymore. But more importantly, you're going to lower their defenses by re-assuring them that you're going to take a break from negative behavior that they don't want right now. You're going to give them some space.

It sets up the next step perfectly, because the next time you reach out to communicate with them there will be absolutely no hostility. In most cases, your ex will be surprised and very receptive to your communication.

Important: A common mistake when writing the opening letter is to slip in some form of guilt, or a hint at "getting back together". Don't do it. Keep the letter short, simple and to the point. If you ask for another chance at getting back together in the opening letter you're defeating the purpose of the message.

There are complete opening letter examples included with the full version of the Magic Of Making Up that you can mimic and copy. Make sure you change some of the wording to make the letter sound as if it was written in your words.

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