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Is My Relationship Over?

Is my relationship over, or is it just in a damaged state? Relationships have different stories and different endings but they also have a lot in common.

Most breakups will go through stages both when breaking up and also when reconciling. So how do you know what stage you're in and if the relationship has come to a final end?

If you are currently separated it doesn't mean it's over. Even if your ex has said the words "it's over" it doesn't mean it's over. There is a progression you will pass through before reaching a final end.

If you haven't reached that point it means you still have hope and more importantly time to reconcile.

The longer the relationship existed the more likely it is to be saved and the more opportunities you will be given to reconcile. If you were only dating someone for two weeks, it might be a difficult task to get your ex back. But if you were dating for two years there's a lot of history and emotion that leaves the door open for a reconciliation.

Ask yourself these questions:

Have you been separated for more than six months? The longer you've been apart the harder it will be to reconcile. Not impossible. But difficult. Your perspective will have changed over a longer period of time and you may not be in tune with how they view the world or your relationship.

Have you already reconciled and failed? I don't mean have you asked to reconcile and they said no. I mean have you both decided to give the relationship another chance only to break up again? If you've gone through one failed reconciliation it will be difficult get another chance.

The more history you have the harder it is to truly end the relationship. Having children together, living together, or going through an emotional crisis together creates a bond that doesn't break as easily as some want.

If you want to save your relationship but don't know where to start read the magic of making up cover to cover. It gives you a step by step reconciliation plan and advice on how to avoid common mistakes that wreck a reconciliation before it really begins.

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