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Is My Boyfriend Going To Break Up With Me?

Is my boyfriend going to break up with me? We don't talk or spend as much time together so I think he might want to break up.

If you've been in a prior relationship where you were kind of blindsided with a breakup, you become familiar with the "feeling" of a breakup. There are always similar symptoms you look out for.

Maybe you don't talk the way you used to, or your boyfriend is choosing to spend time away with friends instead of you. Does it mean he wants to break up? Not always, but it does mean something may be wrong or the relationship is changing.

If you're constantly fighting it will seem easier to him to leave the relationship then work through the problems. So if you always seem to be arguing make sure it's something worth arguing about.

If you sense him considering a breakup you don't want to help him make the decision easier by constantly fighting.

What To Do If He Wants To Break Up

A common scenario for most men, is they want time apart to think about the relationship. Believe it or not, that's exactly what it means. There isn't a hidden message in there for you to decipher. It means he thinks there's a problem and wants to decide if it's worth solving.

The worst thing you could do if he asks for time apart is to beg to stay together. Don't go overboard with apologies, either. The initial stages of every breakup always has "second thoughts". Is this the right thing to do? Should I try to work this out?

Let him go through those questions because it brings doubt into his decision to breakup. Begging, pleading, or constantly asking for forgiveness helps him skip past that doubt which isn't what you want.

You want him to be deeply immersed in doubt. Every guy goes through that phase where he thinks he made a mistake. You want to help influence him so he realizes he's better off staying with the relationship instead of leaving.

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