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I Want My Boyfriend Back

If you're in a situation where the relationship has ended but you can't stop thinking I want my boyfriend back, the following tips have proven effective for other couples.

Understand Why Your Boyfriend Left

He doesn't hate you, and there's a strong possibility the relationship can be saved as long as you don't cause further damage after he asks for a breakup.

Men don't think or act like women. More specifically, they don't vocalize their problems effectively. So if it seems like the breakup came out of no where without a reason - it's not true. There are concrete reasons he asked for the breakup.

Men are very "perception oriented". That means the way other men and women view them is at the top of their priority list. So if you get to the problem, take into consideration how the problem reflects on him.

For example: If he says that you're too bossy or nagging, in addition to the action of nagging he's also concerned about how others will perceive his weakness. He doesn't want others to perceive him as inferior to you.

You need to stroke his ego. Let him know he's the boss (even if he's not). He just needs to think he's at the top of the food chain to be satisfied. Reality and the way men think aren't always the same.

The Three Sins Of Every Bad Breakup

Don't Beg. It doesn't work and is never recommended. It won't make you more desirable in his eyes.

Don't Call Too Much. After a breakup your communication is so strained that a false step can cut off all contact. A common mistake is to bombard your boyfriend with messages hoping one gets through. What usually happens is after the first couple messages he flat out ignores every communication from you.

Don't Visit Him At Work. This plays into the perception scenario. If he gets a hard time from his co-workers about having a stalker for a girlfriend (even if it's only one visit), it's usually enough for him to put more distance between you.

You can tell yourself "I want my boyfriend back" thousands of times, but unless you take the best course of action it's unlikely to come true.

A full list of recommended actions after a breakup can be found in The Magic Of Making Up.

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