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I Just Got Dumped By My Girlfriend

"I just got dumped by my girlfriend. I want to get her back but I don't know what to say, or where to start."

The first thing you need to understand is how your reaction and behavior to the breakup will impact your ability to win her back.

Don't cry in front of her
Don't beg for forgiveness
Don't show up at her front door with a rose

All that stuff works in the movies, but real life requires a little more work to set up a reconciliation. Begging and crying will only do one thing... Convince your girlfriend she made the right decision to breakup.

It would make you look weak, and desperate and what girl wants that in a man?

So what do you do?

You need to set up HER behavior in the following way.

1. Lower Her Defenses. Right now she doesn't even consider getting back together an option, and any suggestion of reconciling will be met with immediate rejection. It's a subconscious reaction. She won't even think about it. So you need to get her out of that mindset by convincing her you can talk WITHOUT expecting a request to get back together.

2. Repair Communication/Trust. After her defenses are lowered you're going to slowly rebuild her trust level. It's during this time, that most girlfriend's will actually TELL YOU what she wants changed. Make sure you're listening.

3. Reconnect And Start Dating Again. If you're patient and avoid pressuring your ex, she'll most likely be the one to reach out and suggest a reconnection. At no point should you say the phrase, "Let's get back together". Do you know why? Because she wants to be in control, not pressured. Let her make the choice to get back together. Let it be her decision.

A more in-depth explanation of the steps needed to get your girlfriend back can be found in the Magic Of Making Up. It provides a step-by-step blueprint others have used to win their ex back.

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