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I Dumped My Boyfriend, Now I Want Him Back

You might be surprised to realize how common it is for someone to end a relationship only to change their mind after the damage has been done. Can you save this relationship? How do you win your boyfriend back after you've dumped him?

The first thing you have to realize is no matter how rough your boyfriend's exterior -- no matter how much of a burly alpha male he is, he has feelings and they've most likely been hurt.

He's not going to cry on your shoulder and tell you how much you've hurt him. In fact, it's in your best interest not to play on his emotions. Telling him, "I didn't mean to hurt you" can send a shock to his system to not act like a wimp.

It's an instant reflex that most men succumb to. He'll dismiss the notion that he's been hurt, or that he even has feelings. He might even reject your kindness to prove that he isn't hurting.

The emotional angle isn't the best way to win him back. So what do you do?

First, you have to realize that he wants you back. No one likes being dumped. It challenges our emotional state and brings into question our worth. So no matter how bad the breakup was, how much you've hurt his feelings -- the odds for a reconciliation are in your favor.

You both want the same thing, to get back together. The hard part is devising a way to heal his ego, while placing control of the reconciliation in your boyfriend's hands.

He wants you back, but he doesn't want to look weak while reconciling.

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