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How To Use Persuasion Tactics - Scarcity

The art of persuasion has been studied for hundreds of years and applied to most successful businesses. The tactics are found mostly in the sales area, but is also a core element found in most influential leaders.

How do you get people (in this case your ex) to do what you want?

By introducing conditions that have proven to produce the desired results. Persuasion tactics cross most boundaries from race to religion, and across all cultures.

How can that be? How can these "tactics" work on people from different cultures and backgrounds? Because persuasion is a play on human behavior, and in most circumstances we will respond in a similar manner.

One of the most powerful persuasion tactics is...


It's been studied and proven time and again. The less abundant something appears (it doesn't even have to be real), it's perceived value will dramatically increase.

We want what we can't have. It's a human trait that's been cultivated for thousands of years, and can be easily manipulated.

How does scarcity apply to your breakup and your relationship? If you've read the book or watched some of the videos you'll get the strong message of "don't throw yourself at your ex".

That's the root of text message terrorism. You're bombarding them with messages reminding them you're sitting by the phone waiting for them to call. It's a direct opposite of the scarcity principle.

You want them to think you're out having a good time, moving on with your life, meeting new people. It doesn't even have to be real. The mere thought of losing your affection will make it scarce.

That's when they start to reach out to you. Because the perceived value of your affection has been significantly raised -- and they want it back.

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