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How To Talk To Your Ex

If you're trying to get back together after a breakup it's important to know how to talk to your ex. You may be focused on what you're going to say. How do you start the conversation? Do you ask to get back together?

Before focusing on how to get to the big "get back together" conversation it's important to know what you shouldn't say. Saying the wrong thing can shut down the entire conversation and put your ex on the defensive.

I'll Do Anything

It can be very difficult to get your ex into a meaningful conversation. You may run into them, exchange pleasantries and ask how they're doing, but there's no substance.

So when you do get into a conversation where you can talk about the issues resulting in the breakup many fall prey to the "kitchen sink" approach.

You might think this is your one and only chance to talk about the problems and throw everything you have to offer to get another chance. "I'll do anything if you give me one more chance"... That kind of thing.

While it will be flattering at first, when they tell their friends and family, and they will, you'll appear incredibly desperate. Your ex won't be thinking about getting back together if you grovel.

It will draw some giggles at your expense, but won't win them back.

It Wasn't My Fault

No one is arrogant enough to say to their ex, "it wasn't my fault we broke up". At least I would hope not. The problem most people get into is when they diminish their responsibility.

There are a lot of responsible parties when there's a breakup, including friends and family. What you don't want to do is try to shift the blame away from yourself.

Acknowledge your role in what went wrong without trying to shift blame to someone else. You might think your ex will take you back if they believe someone outside the relationship is responsible, but they won't.

You'll appear selfish and arrogant, so don't diminish your role in the breakup.

You're Acting Like Your Mother/Father

You'd be surprised how often this comes up, and once it's out there you can't take it back. While we all love our parents, we all go through a rebellion of sorts trying to distance ourselves from the characteristics we don't appreciate.

Sometimes you say it to your ex intentionally to get their attention. You know they don't like a particular behavior they see in their parents, and you think addressing it will get your ex to change their behavior.

Look, you're acting like your mom so stop doing it so we can solve our problems. That's what you're hoping the message will be when they hear it, but it rarely works.

They'll become very confrontational, and you won't be able to apologize enough to get past this error.

If you're having trouble solving your problems with your ex so you can get back together the magic of making up can help.

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