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How To Make Up With Your Boyfriend

If you're tying to make up with your boyfriend, it's very important to understand what makes men want to leave and abandon the relationship. Most will focus on what they should say, but it's what you DON'T say or do that is usually the deciding factor.

What NOT To Do

Hopefully you haven't made the mistake of begging or abusing your phone, trying to convince your boyfriend to give the relationship another chance. Something that seems like a very easy way to get back together, but isn't advised is to use GUILT. You know what I mean. If he ever did anything wrong, maybe he cheated and you gave him another chance it would be easy to guilt him into returning the favor.

Guilt will get him to comply, but only short term. Guilt has a very close relative named RESENTMENT that always tags along. And if you are successful at winning him back through guilt, he'll end up resenting you for what will feel like manipulation.

Another popular guilt trip involves any children you have together. It may seem harmless, and even logical, to put the emphasis on giving the relationship another chance for the sake of your children, but it's only short term coercion.

You absolutely want his decision to be personal. If he arrives at the conclusion that "this is what I want. I want to get back together" that decision becomes cemented in his subconscious. He'll do everything he can to make HIS decision a good one. If he believes "I only came back because she made me feel guilty", there's no personal attachment and makes it easy for him to decide to leave again.

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