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How To Get Your Girlfriend To Take You Back

If you're like most men after a breakup, you didn't see it coming. You were going about your daily life thinking things were fine. But were they? Did you know there was a problem and attempt to ignore it? Maybe you thought it was just a phase and the issue would work itself out.

It's a line of thinking that leads to most breakups. You know there's a problem, that starts out small, then grows into a massive issue that leads to the end of your relationship.

So what do you do from here? What's the first step to get your girlfriend to take you back?

The first step may not seem like a big deal, but it's actually tough for most men to face...

Step 1 - Acknowledge that there was a real problem with the relationship.

Seems simple, but it's not because most men only reference their point of view. And if you didn't see the breakup coming, it means you haven't fully grasped the importance of her main concerns.

Here's a hot tip: If this was your first breakup in the relationship there's a strong possibility that the breakup was an "attention getter". You aren't acknowledging the problem so she tries to get your attention with the breakup.

How do you play that situation? Well, the worst thing you could do is call her on the "attention getter". Don't directly tell her that she's only breaking up to get attention. That's the absolute worst thing you could say.

There's more about the correct response to this type of breakup in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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