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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back - Rule #1

You want to get your girlfriend back and there's no doubt in your mind that you belong together. You have conviction, you know what you want -- that's good.

So how do you do it, right?

You have to break down the reconciliation into stages. What most men don't want to hear, is there isn't a big red button to press. No special phrase that will hypnotize your ex and get her back.

There are steps and rules you need to follow. It's a process that requires multiple actions. So what's the first step? What's rule number one?

Don't Beg

It comes in many forms, with the most common being repeated phone calls or text messages. You have to understand what makes a partner desirable.

It's counter intuitive, which is why nearly all men struggle with this rule. Your logic tells you women are emotional, sentimental beings. If you tell her how much you love her, how much you need her -- she'll change her mind and come back to the relationship.

It doesn't work that way. When you beg, or throw yourself at your ex you de-value your stock as a partner. You become less desirable.

You want the exact opposite to happen. You want to re-establish your worth and value in the eyes of your ex.

If you've made the mistake of begging, calling or texting too much you have to stop. Completely. Don't limit your calls to once a day. Stop calling all together.

Here's what will usually happen: You've been calling multiple times a day. Your ex has become accustomed to your communication and is ignoring them. She begins to expect your repeated calls so she can ignore you. It's like a game.

Do you know what happens when the calls stop? She starts wondering why you haven't called. Why did the game stop? She starts to question why you aren't pursuing her. And within a few days, she'll find a reason to call you.

When she does call you, it's incredibly important to say the right thing. You can either set her up for a reconciliation or confirm her decision to end the relationship.

The full version of the Magic Of Making Up has a more in-depth explantion of how to handle this conversation.

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