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How To Get My Boyfriend Back When He's Moved On

He's moved on, but you haven't. The relationship can be salvaged and deep down in the corner of your heart you know with absolute certainty that you're meant to be together.

But you need help. Solutions. Your intentions are good but you honestly don't know how to get my ex back when he's moved on. Below are some helpful tips for this scenario.

1 - Regain His Interest

It's not as difficult as you might think. The first instinct is to make drastic changes to your physical appearance or worse... You decide to throw yourself at him. He'll gladly have his way with you for one night, but it won't win him back.

The quickest way to regain his interest is to let him know that he can't have you. Stop asking to get back together. Stop calling or texting at all hours. Soon enough he'll want to know why you aren't following him around anymore. He wants your attention -- when he doesn't have it.

2 - Use Your Friendship

Most people absolutely hate the idea of being friends, but it's not as bad as you think. You'll never truly be just friends. There's too much history. There will always be times when he remembers when you were more than friends. Your friendship will remind him how much he enjoyed your personality.

That's exactly what you want. He'll start to crave the times when you were more than friends.

3 - Curb Your Enthusiasm

When you get a little attention from an ex it's easy to start gushing. You're genuinely happy and pleased with the affection you've missed. BUT it's always a good idea to mask your enthusiasm. You don't want to scare your ex away before he wants to reconcile. Let him wonder what your thinking. Mystery is a good thing.

4 - Don't Shut The Door On Your Relationship

It's okay to date or flirt with other guys, but you don't want to send the wrong message. If getting your boyfriend back is what you truly want -- it won't help your cause if you tell him about the three guys you dated last week. It's better to be vague about your love life. If he asks if you're dating someone new tell him.. yeah, but it's no one special. Then give him a little smile like you're with holding the juicy details.

The not knowing who the guy is, or how long you've been seeing him will drive your ex crazy.

5 - No Desperate Tactics

Telling him how much you miss him and want him back NEVER works. It usually has the opposite effect. The worst thing you could do is give him the impression that you're desperate to get back together. Be strong, and give him the impression that you're worth having as a girlfriend... because you are.

The advice above is a small sample of a larger plan to get your ex back found in the relationship guide by T.W. Jackson, The Magic Of Making Up.

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