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How To Get A Boyfriend Back After Cheating

"I don't know how to get a boyfriend back after cheating. He doesn't return my calls. What should I do?"

Cheating on a boyfriend, then wanting him back is one of the most difficult reconciliations because of his ego. It's severely bruised right now.

Women who've been cheated on have a much more grounded and realistic view of their relationship and what they want. But the male ego is much more sensitive than most will admit.

His anger may be focused on you right now, but do you know where his most intense hate is pointed? At himself.

And it's because of his ego.

When a girlfriend cheats on you, not only does he know about it but all his friends and family know it. Regardless of what anyone has said to him, he's beating himself up because he didn't satisfy you.

He couldn't keep you happy, so you went to another man. It makes it much more complicated because sex is involved. He will perceive the problem as though he couldn't satisfy you in bed.

It makes him feel like less of a man. True or not. That's how he feels.

There's now an intense association between you, your relationship, and him feeling inadequate. That's the source of a lot of anger with this type of breakup.

The trick is to restore his sense of CONTROL. You want him to believe that he's calling the shots (even if he isn't). Why? Because it will help repair his ego. The ego needs to recover and regain confidence for him to take you back.

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