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How To Get Back Together With My Ex In 3 Easy Steps

If you're searching the internet for answers to "how can I get back together with my ex”?, I know what you're looking for. You want that secret recipe. That magic word or button to make them race back to you. It's a common feeling after a breakup.

There aren't any one word solutions, and when you realize this you start to fall back on what you think is logical. You call too much. Or, gasp, flood them with text messages...

What you truly want is a second chance, but you end up pushing them further away. So now where are you? Broken up. Won't talk to you. And now they won't even return your calls because you've been spamming them with text messages.

You need a plan. Then you need to follow that plan. It's not easy, it takes a lot of discipline but it needs to be done if you want to get back together with your ex.

Take a deep breath because I'm about to rock your world:

1 - Accept the Break Up

Yeah, I said it. Screw'em.

Tell them to go to hell with a tricycle up their -- All right, just kidding. You don't want to go to that extreme. But you definitely want to put on a game face. Let them know that they didn't fracture your ability to exist.

How do you accept the breakup, without ending your relationship forever? With a simple note.

Tell them that you agree with the breakup. That it's the best thing right now. It'll confuse the crap out of them. They'll start to question their decision, and start thinking about getting back together.

Trust me, it works everytime.

2 - Stop Or Limit Contact With Your Ex

This is, without question, the most difficult thing for people to do after a breakup. The wound is still fresh and the not knowing drives you crazy. Do they still care? Are they angry? Do we still have a chance?

All those questions put a tremendous amount of pressure on you to seek contact.

Don't do it. I know it sounds counter intuitive. You think that constant contact will keep you in their mind so they won't forget about you.

But you can actually create a scenario where they tune you out. You call, and text, and email -- they reach a point where they just ignore every communication from you. Not good.

They will miss you. I'm gonna say that again, because it's the truth:

They will miss you. But you have to let them miss you.

3 - Plan Ahead for the Get Together

Do you know what happens when you 1) Accept the breakup and B) Limit contact?

Your ex starts to reach out to you. Happens everytime. They want your affection. They crave it. Even if THEY ended the relationship. They need to know that they're still important to you. It's funny how the mind works.

It's just human nature to want to feel needed.

When they reach out to you, have a plan. Do not, under any circumstances, ask to get back together when they start calling. When they reach out to you, it just means they're THINKING about getting back together. It doesn't mean they're ready for it to happen.

So play it cool. Let the relationship play out without forcing or trying to pressure your ex to reconcile. Pretty soon they'll be asking to get back together with you.

The advice above is a small example of the larger plan found in the Magic Of Making Up.

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