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How To Get An Old Boyfriend Back

Some people try to reconcile after weeks of being separated, while others will try to get back together after several years. So is there a secret on how to get an old boyfriend back?

It's not really a secret. The time apart and reason for the breakup are always different, but there are common aspects of every reconciliation that need to happen.

Eliminate Any Anger Or Mistrust

Often, people make the mistake of trying to directly eliminate any anger. They'll encounter an ex and ask, "Are you still mad at me?"

Very rarely will you get an honest answer if there are still harsh feelings, but what usually happens is your boyfriend will have a natural reaction to say things are fine. It's just the way the majority of the population will respond.

Then after you've gone your separate ways, he'll start to reminisce about the relationship then it hits him how much anger he still has. It's a terrible scenario because he creates a negative association with the encounter.

So if you've been apart for several years or just a few weeks, what you want to do is have the next encounter be POSITIVE. Whether it's a chance meeting, a text message, or an email. You want him to leave that encounter feeling comfortable.

Why? Because it's the next several encounters that set up the reconciliation. If that first encounter is a disaster, and reminds him of how angry he is, getting back together can be more difficult.

A comprehensive explanation of how others have reconciled with an old boyfriend is included with the Magic Of Making Up. You'll also get critical information on what you should absolutely NEVER say when you're trying to set up a reconciliation.

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