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How To Fix A Bad Relationship

Many people feel helpless when someone they love starts to drift away, because they honestly don't know how to fix a bad relationship. Staying together and remaining happy, long-term, requires good communication and a realistic view of what your relationship has become.

You Can't Relive The Past

A major problem for relationships, especially long-term relationships, is the expectation or desire to remain in the past. You always compare your current situation to the way it used to be. Maybe you were inseparable when you first started dating, and now you barely say hello and goodbye.

When you first try to fix a bad relationship, you start searching for ways to return the way it used to be, which is flawed logic. You can reignite passion and bring back a new sense of attachment, but it will be very difficult to make someone feel the way they did ten years ago.

Our view points are constantly evolving which means we don't view the world, people, or our relationships the same way forever. You'll need to focus on their view of you today and how you want that to be, rather than trying to force your partner to view you the way they used to.

Build Forward

If you've ever sat in silence at the dinner table with someone you love dearly because there's nothing to talk about, it can be a depressing reminder of how far your relationship has fallen. When trying to save or fix your relationship you'll want to build relationship pillars that move you forward.

For example, children are a relationship pillar that give you common goals and something to build your relationship on. But what happens when they leave the house? You have to find a new pillar. You have to find new life goals and life events that bond you.

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