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How Does Relationship Counseling Work?

Ideally when you're having problems with your relationship you want to speak with a third party to help work through your issues. Most will turn to therapists or relationship counselors.

But what do you do if your breakup left you on bad terms and your partner does not want to go to any type of counseling?

You can still go through the process most therapists use to rebuild your relationship and communication but you'll have to do it in an unconventional manner.

A relationship counselor would listen to all the problems and help you communicate without causing further damage to the relationship. Often, a larger obstacle isn't the problem itself -- but the language used to discuss the problem.

Think back to your last breakup. You finally got your partner to agree to a meeting to discuss the problem. But no progress was made.

Not because the problem couldn't be solved, but most likely because you said some "trigger" phrases that caused your partner to react negatively.

The Magic Of Making Up offers a comprehensive reconciliation plan, but it also includes information on how to communicate without offending your partner.

It's not always the problem that dooms your relationship, it's the words you use to discuss the problem that triggers a negative reaction that can bring your relationship to a definitive end.

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