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How Can I Win My Ex Boyfriend Back?

How can I win my ex boyfriend back after we've already had a break up? We haven't talked in a while, so what should I do?

Before you start the process of trying to win your boyfriend back, you need to get a plan in place because you'll want to try different strategies for different types of breakups.

Breakup Within Last 60 Days

If your breakup is still relatively new and within the last 60 days the most important step is to eliminate any remaining hostility or tension. The reason it's important is because any attempt to communicate will already have a negative expectation.

Basically, not enough time has passed to forgive and forget. If you reach out right now, this very second, it will likely be met with a negative reaction. So you first want to convey a very simple message that tells your ex that you're done arguing and ready to move forward.

You're not going to ask for a reconciliation within the first 60 days. First repair the communication, which sets up the reconciliation in the following weeks. A sample message of what you need to tell your ex is explained here:

What to tell your ex >>

Broke Up More Than 60 Days Ago

If you broke up more than 60 days ago, some of the anger and hostility will have dissipated all on its own. It doesn't mean they're ready to get back together, it just means your first contact with them will not be negative.

And that's the way you want to keep the first two or three messages. Very friendly, and absolutely NO PRESSURE. If your ex gets a hint of pressure in the first few contacts, they'll try to create distance between you to protect their interests. So play it cool, and let the bond reform slowly.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back read every word on the following page to get a complete step by step plan:

Learn The First Step To Get Your Boyfriend Back >>

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