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My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Someone New

Men are incredibly territorial by nature. It's a fundamental trait that has been cultivated over time.

Thousands of years ago, when your home or family was in danger it was necessary to protect your territory to survive. It's a trait deeply ingrained in the psyche of every man.

So when you see your ex with a new boyfriend, your primal instincts start to influence your decisions. After several months following a breakup it's very common to think of an ex girlfriend as your "territory". That isn't meant in a derogatory sense. We're not talking about property or a house.

You're driven by an urge to protect your interests, your family that you feel is being threatened. The primal instinct is still there, but you can't act on those emotions in a primal way.

You have an urge to punch this guy in the face, right? Prove you're stronger and win back your girl. That's a primal instinct.


You're not a caveman. You can't act on your emotions in a violent way. All you'll do is drive your ex further away. So what do you do?

Accept reality. Your ex is dating someone new, but it's not as bad as you think. The likelihood of that rebound relationship developing into a meaningful relationship is incredibly unlikely.

If your ex is dating soon after your breakup, within three or four weeks then that relationship has no hope. It will take time for her to heal from the breakup. Even if it was her decision to end the relationship she has issues she needs to resolve before developing a new, meaningful relationship.

You still have time, so don't panic. Stay calm, act in a positive manner and follow the steps outlined in the Magic Of Making Up. Her new relationship will end on it's own, without your interference.

When that relationship does end, you'll be on good terms to complete your reconciliation.

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