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Getting Your Ex Back Is Not A Game

Sometimes it feels like a game, but the word "game" doesn't represent the current situation well enough. This isn't fun. And in some cases, there are children's interest at stake when one parent leaves the household.

It's not a game.

But it is very much a strategic event. What I mean by that, is everything that is said and done from this day forward has a definite ACTION-REACTION dynamic.

When you're in an inferior bargaining position you have to plan your steps very carefully and know the possible outcomes before they happen. When you think ahead you can begin to dictate the events of the breakup.

If I do this, they'll do this. Very strategic. You can actually guide their behavior with what YOU are doing or not doing.

When most people run into problems is when they don't take into consideration the realistic reactions their ex will take. It's a very emotional time after a breakup, so some decisions will become swayed by your dominant emotions.

Things are different right now. Your ex will not respond the way they did last year or even last month. They're an "ex", now. So their reactions will fall in line with what an "ex" will do.

If you aren't confident in your ability to predict or guide your ex's behavior, the Magic Of Making Up can help you understand the expected reactions and consequences of certain behavior.

There's more of the ACTION-REACTION principles explained in the full version of the guide.

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